The Territory

“Podere Gelisi” enterprise extends over a territory of 30 hectares in the heart of the “GRAVE DEL FRIULI”. This area lies 112 metres a.s.l., close to the pre-Alpine range. The territory is characterised by a particularly original landscape; a wide expanse created by the alluvial flooding of the Meduna and Cellina rivers, which, throughout the millenniums, deposited enormous quantities of calcareous-dolomitic material, dragged from the mountains by the relentless attacks of the water. Besides being instrumental in originating the Grave terrain, the Pre-alpine range is also a shield against the cold northern winds. The Gelisi family’s land, in remote times, was traversed by the Ungaresca way, a road used by pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land. Witness to this, a still existent bridge dating back to Roman times. Bordering the enterprise’s property, stood a small church dedicated to Saint Thomas, which was destroyed in the 18th century on the order of the Count of Ragogna. Evidence of this can still be found in the Parish archives.